Workshop on Practical Hardware Innovations in Security Implementation and Characterization

May 17-18, 2022


In the field of hardware security, following the introduction of Meltdown and Spectre attacks, 2022 saw a further development of numerous micro-architectural attacks. Also new emerging side channels were reported and are making it possible to conduct physical attacks remotely (e.g. screaming channels, FPGA-hammer). Within the idea of making cryptography as light as possible (LWC) and as long-term as possible (post-quantum cryptography), the need to efficiently implement emerging cryptography on hardware in a secure way is more and more vivid. This is for example illustrated by two ongoing competitive standardisation processes (NIST post-quantum and lightweight-cryptography).

In this context, the PHISIC workshop aims at providing an environment for exchange among academic and industrial experts of the embedded security arena. More precisely, PHISIC’2022 expects to:

  • contribute and share ideas on the latest trends in terms of academic research, collaborative projects and industrial challenges
  • identify future security trends
  • exchange on advanced practices in physical attacks (fault injection and side channel analysis) and efficient protection schemes
  • discuss the security features of systems (IoT networks, Cyber-Physical Systems…)

Call for Talks and Posters

PHISIC’2022 is a workshop without proceeding. Presentations and posters will be publicly available after the workshop unless noted otherwise by the authors.

Talks will be 30 minutes long including 5-10 minutes for Q&A. Talks shall be in English. Observe that presenting does not prevent future or concurrent submission to any journal or conference with proceedings.


  • Side Channel & Fault injection attacks
  • SW and HW protections against physical threats
  • Emerging technologies for secure devices
  • Machine Learning & security
  • Security assessment and verification: leakage assessment, formal verification, etc.
  • Security challenges for IoT and mobile devices
  • Cryptographic algorithms and related implementations: lightweight crypto, post-quantum, ECC, etc.
  • Remote physical attacks
  • Other topics of interest related to hardware security
  • Please note that a special session on collaborative project in hardware security will be led by pole SCS

Submission and deadline

We invite you to submit abstract (10-20 lines) for the talk sessions or posters before Monday 15th March 2022 to the organization committee:

Please send mail to <[email protected]> or visit the contact page.


Note that the registration is free of charge but the number of attendees (by invitation) is limited.

See accommodations and location or contact the organization committee for further explanation.

Training sessions

Theory and practice of fault attacks (laser), Jean-Max Dutertre, May 19th and 20th 2022.

  • May. 19th am: theory (3h)
  • May. 19th pm: practice on laser bench (3h)
  • May. 20th am: practice on EM bench (3h)
  • Full description available at formation laser.

For further information please contact [email protected]

Sécurité matérielle: les attaques par canaux auxiliaires, Olivier Potin, May 19th and 20th 2022.

  • May. 19th am: theory (3h)
  • May. 19th pm: practice on EM bench (3h)
  • May. 20th am: practice on EM bench (3h)
  • Full description available here.

For further information please contact [email protected]

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